February 27, 2016 | 10:22 pm   


Another pig at the de Blasio trough

By Michael Goodwin

If you’re looking for a metaphor of the de Blasio administration, look no further than the scandal involving the head of the police Civilian Complaint Review Board. It features an anti-cop prejudice with an insider’s cozy relationship with taxpayer cash.

Lawyer Richard Emery sealed his fate by saying police unions complaining about him were “squealing like a stuck pig.” The unions wanted his removal because Emery’s law firm sues the NYPD and individual cops on behalf of New Yorkers claiming abuse. One report said the firm got more than $1 million of settlements just since he was appointed by Mayor Putz in 2014.

The city’s Conflicts of Interest Board approved Emery’s dual roles, with minor restrictions, proving the board is a rubber stamp for anything the mayor wants. There is no way in the world Emery should be heading the CCRB while having a financial interest in suing cops.

Tellingly, de Blasio was silent over the smear until Gov. Cuomo demanded that Emery apologize or resign. The resulting “sorry” was half-hearted, but even a genuine apology wouldn’t resolve the glaring conflicts.

Sadly, it fits a pattern. The mayor is establishing a rancid pay-to-play culture, with his friends and allies often getting favored treatment. Showing Emery the door wouldn’t fix that, but would signal that de Blasio realizes he’s mayor, not king.