September 26, 2016 | 11:13am  

De Blasio heckled by cops as he goes to gym

By Lorena Mongelli and Jamie Schram

Scores of NYPD officers jeered Mayor Bill de Blasio as he strolled into his favorite Brooklyn gym Monday morning, demanding that he use his workout to think about a new police contract.

But Hizzoner, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with “Brooklyn” emblazoned on it, ignored members from the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association as he entered the YMCA in Park Slope.

PBA members shouted, “We want a new contract” while waving signs that read, “Put some sweat into working on our PBA contract” and “Workout a contract with cops.”

The union also set up a large mobile billboard across the street with its own slogan: “How’s that for inequality.”

The Post reported last week that the mayor pushed back a meeting with a group of blind residents affected by Saturday’s Chelsea terror attack to hit the gym and grab a cup of coffee with his wife.

PBA vice president John Puglissi admonished the mayor for spending more time at the gym than at the negotiating table.

“We have a mayor that’s unwilling to negotiate in good faith. He spends his day here at the gym, avoiding the real task of paying New York City’s Finest, the police officers, who work hard each and every day, protecting the lives of New York City citizens,” Puglissi said.

“So what we’re trying to do now is bring the attention here and focus it on him going to the gym. So maybe he’ll realize, we’re not just going to go away,” Puglissi added.

Puglissi noted that police officers were handed a measly 1 percent raise during a recent arbitration, which he described as “disgraceful.”

“We hope the mayor will realize that in order to attract the most qualified people to become NYC police officers, you have to pay a fair and competitive wage,” Puglissi said.