October 25, 2016 | 4:06pm   

This adorable cop-loving pooch is looking for a home

By David K. Li

Photo: ASPCA. See more photos.

Someone needs to collar this mutt — and give her a loving, forever home.

The ASPCA is searching for a big-hearted New Yorker to fall in love with Jamie, a 4-year-old pit bull mix rescued from a squalid home.

Cops from 12 station houses in Manhattan recently took Jamie on a romp through Riverside Park and the Upper West Side to show off the pooch’s loving personality.

Jamie was one of two dogs rescued by cops from Brooklyn’s 63rd Precinct station house in April, according to the ASPCA.

She was living in filthy conditions and extremely underweight when cops found her with another female pit bull mix.

Jamie’s fur was soaked in urine and feces and her nails were so long and out-of-control, they had curved into her feet, according to the animal advocates.

Jamie’s former housemate was adopted in June and now she’s ready to find new digs after months of rehab.

Anyone interested adopting can call (646) 291-4500.