Nov. 20, 2017 | 7:22pm  

Editorial: Appeasing bigotry at Brooklyn College

By Post Editorial Board

Brooklyn College

Bad as it is that Brooklyn College is asking police officers to use only the worst, most remote bathroom on campus, far worse are the student complaints supposedly behind the move.

The college paper reports that one student is drafting a petition to have the CUNY school’s president ban cops from campus altogether — because “we do not want the NYPD on campus in any respect.”

One senior told The Post that “people get triggered” by cops, claiming that “students from every background and across every major” feel uncomfortable: “It makes safe spaces feel not so safe.” And a junior claimed, “Your first instinct is to be scared” by seeing an officer on campus.

This is ridiculous: The NYPD is easily the nation’s most professional, best-trained major police department; any New Yorker walks by officers many times a day. Any student upset at “seeing blue” is badly out of touch with reality.

And the school’s faculty and staff have a moral duty to clue the kids in to the truth — not to pander to anti-police bigotry.