Politico New York

03/21/17 11:58 AM

Report: Pantaleo had four substantiated complaints prior to Garner death


Independent investigators substantiated four allegations of misconduct by New York Police Department officer Daniel Pantaleo years before his deadly on-video encounter with Eric Garner, according to documents published online by ThinkProgress.

The report said the documents were sent by an anonymous source at the Civilian Complaint Review Board. The story cited four attorneys who separately said the documents appear to be authentic, though CCRB declined to comment.

The documents obtained by ThinkProgress appear to show CCRB investigators substantiated a two-part complaint stemming from an abusive vehicle stop in 2011, and another two-part complaint related to an abusive stop and frisk in 2012.

Pantaleo's disciplinary history is the subject of a lawsuit between civil rights lawyers seeking the officer's disciplinary record and Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration, which has argued state law prohibits their disclosure.

Asked about the apparent leak at a press conference today, de Blasio said he could not comment as he hadn't yet read the report. He also said he has not otherwise reviewed Pantaleo's disciplinary record.

Read the ThinkProgress report and view the documents here.