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Aug. 12, 2016 Report on Pat Lynch's response to the Mayor's plan to give $2 million in raises to City Hall staffers.  Lynch said that if the Mayor really believes that "competitive wages" are needed to retain the best employees, he should work on closing the police pay gap.
June 29, 2016 Report on the PBA’s declaration of impasse and call to start non-binding mediation in order to obtain a fair contract for police officers. 
June 14, 2016 Cop-killer Marcell Dockery, who started the arson fire that killed PO Dennis Guerra and permanently injured PO Rosa Rodriguez, was sentenced to 19 years to life for the crime.
June 10, 2016 Report on the PBA's intention to support an opponent to Mayor de Blasio's reelection.  Pat Lynch said the next election will be a referendum on public safety and that the PBA wants a Mayor who runs the city and is not always campaigning.
May 16, 2016 The PBA launched a major television advertising campaign criticizing Mayor de Blasio and his administration for refusing to support fair pay for New York City police officers. The campaign, which will air over the next four weeks on numerous broadcast and cable news channels in the NYC area, will feature the families of PBA members and will highlight the financial impact of New York City police officers' below-market salary.
May 5, 2016 Following the conviction of cop-killer Marcell Dockery in Brooklyn Criminal Court, PBA president Pat Lynch calls the verdict “just” but notes that the verdict will not lessen the pain of loss suffered by the Guerra family.
Apr. 25, 2016

Severely injured PO Rosa Rodriguez testified at the trial of a 16-year-old whose arson fire took the life of PO Dennis Guerra in Coney Island.  PBA president Pat Lynch spoke to the media about the difficult day of testimony for the officer’s families and colleagues.

Apr. 13, 2016

Pat Lynch calls the suspension of a police officer who blamed increased traffic tickets on de Blasio “a colossal politically motivated overreaction…” 

Mar. 16, 2016 The PBA’s first ever membership survey continues in the news for a second day with an additional report .
Mar. 15, 2016 The PBA held a news conference today to announce all of the results of the union’s first-ever membership survey.
Mar. 14, 2016 Report on “preview” findings of the union’s first ever survey of its members reporting that morale is at rock bottom, the city is getting less safe and most officers would leave for a better paying law enforcement job. 
Jan. 16, 2016 With the news that cop-hating director Quentin Tarantino's latest feature is tanking at the box office, Pat Lynch said that the PBA-initiated boycott of the movie demonstrates the immense economic power of police officers and police supporters around the country.
Nov. 24, 2015 Calling PO Randolph Holder “an ordinary hero,” PBA president Pat Lynch and about 100 police officers jammed the Manhattan courthouse where cop killer Tyrone Howard meekly offered a “not guilty” plea in the murder of the officer. 
Nov. 11, 2015 The PBA contract rally in front of Gracie Mansion
Nov. 5, 2015 John Gambing interview with Pat Lynch
Oct. 26, 2015 Pat Lynch calls for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino's violence-filled movies after the director called police officers "murderers" at an anti-police rally on Saturday Oct. 24.
Oct. 20, 2015 Patrolman Phillip Cardillo, murdered in 1972  in a Harlem Mosque during the one of the darkest days of NYPD and NYC history, is honored 43 years later with a street named in his honor in front of the new Police Academy. 
Oct. 6, 2015 Reporter Terry Sheridan reports on the Transit Bureau Canine Graduation during which Pat Lynch explained how these K9 partners are an important part of keeping the memory of deceased officers alive.
Sept. 22, 2015 Report on the meeting between James Blake, the Mayor and the PC and includes a mention of more self-serving anti-cop legislation being introduced by the City Council
Aug. 25, 2015 The PBA’s vehement opposition to Federally mandated “Stop and Frisk Receipts” is verbalized by Pat Lynch
June 29, 2015 Pat Lynch objects to so-called “police reform” bills debated by the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, bills also opposed by the PC.
June 10, 2015 WOR continues to report Lynch’s call for the hiring of 2,000 officers twice a year in order to cap rising shootings and murders in the city.
June 9, 2015 Speaking to reporters outside yesterday's Medal Day ceremony at 1 Police Plaza, Pat Lynch said that the Summer All Out initiative is a "bandaid approach" and that the only real solution for addressing the recent crime spike is to hire even more police officers than the 1,000 proposed by the City Council.
May 3, 2015 Report on shooting of PO Brian Moore and on the shooter’s arraignment and Lynch’s comments outside the Queen’s Courthouse.
Apr. 22, 2015 WOR radio reports that the NYPD is eliminating the “Quest for Excellence” productivity report that Pat Lynch called an attempt to legitimize quotas.  In the story, Lynch said: the Quest for Excellence is a “veiled attempt at legitimizing illegal enforcement quotas that this union has opposed since its introduction.  Its elimination is long overdue and we applaud the change.  Time will tell if this is the first step toward the elimination of enforcement quotas.”
Mar. 12, 2015 WOR radio picked up a story reported in the Post regarding the impact of lessened marijuana enforcement and quotes Pat Lynch as saying reduced enforcement encourages more sales and violence between drug dealers making the streets less safe for everyone. 
Dec. 30, 2014 Meeting between Mayor and unions
Dec. 17, 2014 WOR radio a report a call from Lynch for the Mayor not to meeting with protest organizers until they denounce assaults against police.
Dec. 13, 2014 News media continue to report on the "Don't Insult My Sacrifice" letter. 
Dec. 5, 2014 Coverage of the Pat Lynch's remarks at news conference on Thursday continue to reverberate through the news media and on talk and opinion shows across the country.
Nov. 12, 2014 PBA president Pat Lynch says the City Council seems to be more interested in protecting criminals than the public. 
Nov. 6, 2014

Pat Lynch defends two officers as they are arraigned in Brooklyn court saying that when all the facts are presented the officers will be vindicated.

Oct. 27, 2014 Report on Pat Lynch's call for an investigation following reports that officers on Staten Island were ordered to repair a headlight on Eric Garner's mother's car to help her avoid a ticket.
Oct. 15, 2014 Report on police union attorneys arguing in court that the unions should be granted the right to intervene in the appeal of a federal judge’s findings and orders involving the use of stop, question and frisk.
Oct. 8, 2014 WOR radio reports the filing of a $75 million wrongful death suit in the Garner case.  The story indicates that the PBA denied a chokehold was used.

Sept. 30, 2014

Pat Lynch dismisses the CCRB’s “choke hold” report while stating that the police officer used a “takedown” hold in the arrest of Eric Garner.

Sept. 26, 2014

Report on the start of  Grand Jury proceedings in the Garner case, which are slated to begin on Monday, Sept. 29, with comments from Pat Lynch.

Aug. 19, 2014

Pat Lynch calls for a fair review of the facts by the grand jury in the Eric Gardner case outside the 6th Pct. Lynch noted that it makes no sense to criticize the fairness of the Staten Island DA's investigation before it has been completed.

Apr. 10, 2014

The death of Officer Dennis Guerra is announced.

Oct. 15, 2013

PBA files lawsuit challenging the City Council’s “bias policing law.”