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Gotham Writers' Workshop, NYC's largest creative writing school, is offering a 10% discount to all NYPD officers, detectives and employees who register for a writing class in NYC or online at

Classes include:

          Fiction Writing Screenwriting
  Business Writing Playwriting
  Memoir Writing Nonfiction Writing
  Travel Writing Article Writing
  Poetry Writing Novel Writing
  Children's Book Writing Television Writing
  Stand-Up Comedy Writing Romance Writing
  Songwriting Mystery Writing
  Science Fiction Writing Humor Writing

And there are great One-Day workshops in Writing Dialogue, Character Development, Writing Documentary Films, How To Get Published, How To Sell Your Screenplay and How To Freelance. Plus, for those who know they're interested in creative writing but don't know where to start, Gotham offers a class called Creative Writing 101.

This six week course covers some of the basics common to all forms of creative writing, helps students sharpen their powers of observation, imagination and description, and provides an environment that helps spark ideas and build confidence. Available both in NYC and online. Your 10% discount applies.

When you call to register, mention that you found out about GWW through this website and you will receive a 10% discount off of the tuition on your first class.

For a FREE catalogue, registration information, or to ask any questions, call toll-free 877-WRITERS (974-8377) or visit