Political Action

Politics is a numbers game. Numbers get a candidate elected and numbers get a law passed. The PBA has nearly 50,000 active and retired members and that makes us a very politically potent organization. I am asking you today, to take the time to register as a political volunteer at the PBA. Once or twice a year, you may be called upon to spend a few hours helping the PBA with a cause that is important to all of us as police officers. It may be to help a candidate get elected, work a phone bank, get a law passed or gather signatures in support of a cause. It is not difficult work and if we all volunteer once or twice a year, it is not a great burden either. But the benefits that we can reap by keeping the PBA a political powerhouse will be real and important. Register today as part of the PBA’s political action army.

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star How do I register to vote?
star Who should I vote for?
star Why should I volunteer for the Political Action Committee?
star How can I volunteer?
star What will I have to do?
star What legislation is the PBA pushing for today?
star Who are the elected officials in my community?
star How does the PBA decide which candidates to endorse?
star Write to your elected officials.