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August 23, 2017

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Union Representing 50,000 New York City Police Officers Also Announces Endorsements in 13 Additional City Council Races Across the City

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York (NYC PBA) today announced the endorsement of Eric Gonzalez for Brooklyn District Attorney, as well as 13 additional candidates in races for City Council.

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said: “Eric Gonzalez has spent his career fighting to make New York City safer — a goal we share as police officers. As a senior prosecutor — and most recently as Acting District Attorney — he has demonstrated a clear commitment to justice and fairness, as well as an understanding of the difficult and unique nature of a police officer’s duties. In addition, the candidates we’re endorsing for City Council have demonstrated their support for New York City police officers on the issues that matter most — especially fair pay, adequate benefits, and the resources and support we need to keep our streets safe each day.”

"During my tenure as a prosecutor, I have had the opportunity to work with police officers to keep Brooklyn safe and reform our criminal justice system to be fairer for all Brooklynites. I am proud to get the PBA's endorsement in the race for District Attorney and look forward to maintaining our record of accomplishments," said Gonzalez.

The City Council candidates being endorsed today are:

  • Council member Corey Johnson (3rd district, Manhattan)
  • Keith Powers (4th district, Manhattan)
  • Council member Andrew Cohen (11th district, Bronx)
  • State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. (18th district, Bronx)
  • Council member Paul Vallone (19th district, Queens)
  • Council member I. Daneek Miller (27th district, Queens)
  • Adrienne Adams (28th district, Queens)
  • Tommy Torres (34th district, Brooklyn/Queens)
  • Council member Robert Cornegy (36th district, Brooklyn)
  • Henry Butler (41st district, Brooklyn)
  • Justin Brannan (Democratic primary; 43rd district, Brooklyn)
  • John Quaglione (Republican primary; 43rd district, Brooklyn)
  • Council member Chaim Deutsch (48th district, Brooklyn)

The NYC PBA, which represents nearly 50,000 active and retired police officers, has previously endorsed Council member Fernando Cabrera, running for reelection in the 14th district in the Bronx; Elizabeth Crowley, running for reelection in the 30th district in Queens; Kamillah Hanks running for the contested 49th district on Staten Island; Council member Barry Grodenchik, running for reelection in the 23rd district in Queens, Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, running for the open Council seat in the 13th district in the Bronx; Council member Ben Kallos, running for reelection in 5th district in Manhattan; Peter Koo, running for reelection in the 20th district in Queens; Council member Alan Maisel, running for reelection in the 46th council district in Brooklyn; Assembly member Francisco Moya, running for the open seat in the 21st district; Assembly member Felix Ortiz, running in the 38th Council district in Brooklyn; Assembly member Robert Rodriguez, running for the open seat in the 8th Council district that covers upper Manhattan and the South Bronx; Council member Rafael Salamanca, running for reelection in the 16th district in the Bronx; Council member Ritchie Torres, running for reelection in the 15th district in the Bronx; and Kalman Yeger, running for the open seat in the 44th district in Brooklyn.

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