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New York Post      8/13/06
WTC Sick Monitor to Focus on Cancer

New York Post      6/25/06
PBA Blasts Hospital's 9/11 Health Monitoring

New York Daily News      4/23/06
Editorial: Care for 9/11 Heroes:
PBA Boss Says Rescue Workers Need Aid Now






Daily News        11/10/10
The badges of 29 cops who died of Ground Zero-related illnesses will go on display in Congress in an attempt to build support for the Zadroga Act.

New York 1        11/09/10
Police Museum Honors Officers Who Died From 9/11-Related Illnesses

Daily News        10/23/09
Heroism and horror: Detective James Zadroga's sacrifice at WTC must not be in vain

Chief-Leader        10/23/09
Cops’ Kids Feel Residual Effects of Post-9/11 Work

Daily News    10/14/09
Three heroes of 9/11 die of cancer in five days

New York Times    10/14/09
9/11’s Litany of Loss, Joined by Another Name

Daily News    8/13/09
New horror for heroes

Associated Press    8/10/09
Immune System Cancer Found in Young 9 /11 Officers

US News and World Reports    8/10/09
9/11 Responders May Be At Raised Myeloma Risk

Chief-Leader    3/27/09
9/11 Responders Rally For Right to Sue Over Ground Zero Illnesses

New York Times     3/31/09
Congress Is Again Weighing Aid for Ground Zero Rescuers

New York Times     3/13/09
Value of Suing Over 9/11 Deaths Is Still Unsettled

New York Daily News    12/12/08
Editorial: New health secretary Daschle must do the right thing for sick 9/11 responders

New York Daily News    12/12/08
Bush plans to put 9/11 workers care in hands of company based outside NY; sick would pay upfront

New York Post      8/7/11
Cancer surge hits hero cops

New York Post      7/2/08
9/11 Illnesses 'Get Worse'

New York Daily News      5/8/08
360 post-9/11 workers have died, including 80 of cancer, says state

New York Times     4/28/08
Editorial: Ground Zero’s Lingering Victims

New York Post     4/28/08
'911' Cops on Wall of Fame

New York Post     4/2/08
'Zero' for Heroes, Says NY-Bash Pol

Newsday     4/1/08
Sick responders ask Congress to reopen 9/11 fund

New York Daily News Editorials     12/19/07
Leavitt slams the door and
They've got 'em covered

New York Times     5/9/07
Study Links Lung Disease to WTC Work

New York Daily News    8/28/07
4% of 9/11 workers developed asthma: study

New York Times     5/8/07
Study Links Rescuers’ Lung Ailment to Trade Center Collapse

Newsday    5/9/07
Study cites disease, WTC link

Daily News     4/30/07
50-state ills

New York Times    3/22/07
Bloomberg Seeks U.S. Aid for Treatment of 9/11 Illnesses

USA Today    9/9/07
One more 9/11 victim to be named this year

Daily News Editorial     3/5/07
Feds to responders: Blah, blah, blah

Village Voice     11/28/06
Death by Dust: The frightening link between the 9-11 toxic cloud and cancer

New York Times    11/18/06
No to Planned Guidelines on 9/11-Related Autopsies

New York Post          11/3/06
Ground Zero's 'Angel' Nun Dies

New York Times    10/24/06
Medical Views of 9/11’s Dust Show Big Gaps

Daily News      10/18/06
Editorial: Judge Stands Up for WTC Heroes - Mayor Must, Too

New York Daily News     10/25/06
Enzyme Tied To WTC Ills May Explain Cough, Study Sez

WCBS  TV     10/18/06
Sick Ground Zero Rescue Workers Can Sue City

New York Post     10/15/06
350G Paycheck For City's 9/11 Scrooge

New York Sun     10/4/06
Top Doctors Say Trade Center Dust Could Cause Cancer

New York Daily News     9/20/06
Feds Cast Doubt. Say Not Enough Proof To Tie Deaths To WTC Poison

Three New York Post stories      9/18/06
Cancer Shock at Ground Zero High School
Rice OK'd Claim of 'Safe Air' After 9/11
Heroes' advocate stricken with 'WTC' disease

Video clips     9/18/06
City Council Hearings

Newsday     9/11/06
Rudy: My Health is at Risk After 9/11

New York Daily News     9/11/06
A husband's plea for tomorrow

New York Times     9/6/06
Illness Persisting in 9/11 Workers, Big Study Finds

New York Daily News     9/6/06
Health of 9-11 heroes at risk

WCBS  TV     9/7/06 and 9/8/06
Feds, City Knew Of Ground Zero Toxins

WCBS  TV     9/6/06
Ground Zero Workers Rally For Compensation

WCBS  TV     9/5/06
Study: 7 Of 10 WTC Rescuers Suffer Lung Problems

New York Daily News     9/5/06
Editorial: Enough studies — We need action

New York Daily News     9/5/06
Our debt to Ground Zero heroes

New York Daily News     9/5/06
'A horrible thing'

New York Times     9/5/06
Officials Slow to Hear Claims of 9/11 Illnesses
(story, blog, and video links)

New York Daily News      9/1/06
Win on 9/11 health

New York Post      8/14/06
Governor to Sign Bill for Tragic WTC Heroes

New York Daily News      8/13/06
Repaying a debt

Newsday     8/13/06
Editorial: It's time to care for first responders

New York Post    8/12/06
Mike wants proof 9/11 made 'em ill

New York Daily News
Three cartoons by William Bramhall

New York Post      8/9/06
Mike's 9/11 $$ Shock

New York Post      8/6/06
WTC Fund Blows $40M as Ill Get Nil

Staten Island Advance      8/4/06
The Ground Zero lie

New York Daily News      7/28/06
'Secret' 9/11 lies?

New York Daily News      7/25/06
Special Report: The making of a health disaster

New York Daily News      7/25/06
Special Report: Fury of Forgotten

Television news stories

New York Daily News      7/24/06
Mayor's 9/11 vow

New York 1      7/24/06
Police Officers Sign On To Union's 9/11 Health Registry

New York Daily News      7/24/06
Special Report: Death Sentence

New York Daily News      7/23/06
Special Report: Abandoned heroes

New York Post      7/23/06
Cop Union Starts Its WTC-Woe Tracker

New York Post      7/18/06
Cruel '9/11' $nub

New York Daily News      6/11/06
City's Turn to Protect, Serve

New York Post      6/11/06
Cancer Hits 283 Rescuers of 9/11

New York Daily News      6/11/06
City's Turn to Protect, Serve

New York Times      5/22/06
City Workers' 9/11 Claims Meet Obstacles

New York Post      5/21/06
'Blame the Victim' Fury

New York Post      5/21/06
Tragic WTC Cop's Kin: What About Us, Rudy?

New York Post      5/19/06
City Wrong to $tiff Sick 9/11 Big: Mike

New York Times      4/29/2006
Anecdotal Findings Suggest 9/11 Dust Can Cause Illness

New York Post      4/29/06
9/11 Health Chief Vows Death Probe

New York Times      4/14/2006
Debate Revives as 9/11 Dust Is Called Fatal

Chief-Leader      4/8/2006
Need WTC Delayed Death Bill

New York Times      4/7/2006
Study: 9/11 Escapees Have Health Problems

New York Times      3/1/2006
E.P.A. to Get A Scolding On 9/11 Dust

Press Release: Office of Carolyn B. Maloney      2/27/2006
Announce Appointment of 9/11 Health Coordinator to Oversee Feds' Response to Ground Zero Health Impacts

New York Daily News      2/19/06
Clear the Air on 9-11 Health

Chief-Leader       1/20/2006
Link Deaths of 3 Firemen, CopTo WTC Site

New York Post      2/19/06
Sept. 11 Toxic Heart Shock

New York Magazine      9/20/2004

New York Daily News     6/22/2004
Sick Lungs, Strong Proof: Post 9/11 Air Wasn't Safe

New York Times      8/23/2003
EPA Watchdog Rips White House on NYC Air:

Los Angeles Times      8/23/2003
EPA's 9/11 Air Ratings Distorted, Report Says