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All NYC Police World Trade Center Cancer Victims

Mt. Sinai is conducting a cancer study on law enforcement members who worked rescue, recovery or cleanup at any of the WTC designated sites. The results of this study may lead to the inclusion of cancer as a recognized disease under the recently approved Zadroga bill. If you or anyone you know worked at any of the WTC designated sites, and have since developed any form of cancer, please contact Valerie Dabas at (212) 298-9162 or e-mail her at

In order to confirm the diagnosis of cancer and to assess the scope and genesis of member illnesses, Mount Sinai is asking that you print out and complete the medical release form to allow Mount Sinai access to medical records of your private treating physicians (except those records relating to alcohol and drug abuse, psychiatric treatment and HIV) and facilitate your participation in the study.

Kindly mail the form to the PBA to: 

      Attention: Valerie Dabas
      125 Broad Street, 11th Floor
      New York, NY 10004


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