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August 15, 2019, 3:55 PM

Pat Lynch to cops thinking about suicide: ‘Don’t f------ do it!’


Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch just had one recommendation on Thursday for cops thinking about committing suicide: “If you’re on the edge and contemplating suicide, don’t f----- do it!"

“It solves nothing and leaves devastation behind you, just don’t do it," Lynch said in an emotional two-minute video tweeted Thursday.

After cursing at the department’s 30,000 members, he then tried to shame them out of taking their own lives.

“Good friends both on and off the job will feel betrayed and abandoned by you,” he said standing between the American and NYPD flags. “Some of them struggle under the same exact burdens as you. You are robbing them of their hope. Never let them believe that this is the answer because its not.”

The video comes as the eighth and ninth NYPD officer shot themselves in separate incidents.

On Wednesday night, 56-year-old Robert Echeverria, a 25-year veteran of the department, fatally shot himself in the head in his Laurelton home. A day earlier, Johnny Rios, 35, shot and killed himself inside his Yonkers home.

Lynch said that if a cop knows of any department employee contemplating suicide, action must be taken “forthwith.”

“We’re under siege from all directions and the only defense we have is each other,” he said. "Never under any circumstances should you permanently walk away from the people who love you and yes that includes us your brother and sister police officers."

He also took a few swipes at politicians who are calling the massive uptick in NYPD suicides “a crisis.”

“Just stop, we’ve been very clear on what we need,” he said. “Provide mental health benefits that will cover the high professional treatment we need and accommodate us when we are in crisis. Stop destroying the careers of cops who reach out for help.”

“Instead, you continue to grandstand on the backs of police officers and show up when we’re dead,” he said. “You think that a few tweets and mental health posters will make up for it? Well it wont.”

Lynch’s video comes a day after Mayor de Blasio sent an open letter to cops in the department, encouraging people to get mental help if they need it. In the letter, the Mayor referenced his own father’s suicide.

The department’s Employee Assistance Unit, Early Intervention Unit, Chaplain’s office and the Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance, known as POPPA, offer services. Members of the NYPD needing help can reach the EAU at (646) 610-6750. POPPA can be reached at (888) 267-7267.