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Updated: August 3, 2018

NYC police union blasts Mayor de Blasio in full-page Times-Picayune ad

By Greg LaRose

A New York police union purchased a full-page ad in the Aug. 3, 2018, edition of The Times-Picayune to criticize Mayor Bill de Blasio for attending a progressive political conference in New Orleans while police seek a new contract.

A New York City police union bought a full-page ad in the Friday (Aug. 3) edition of The Times-Picayune blasting Mayor Bill de Blasio for attending a political conference in New Orleans, while cops there continue to work without a contract. The New York Daily News reports that members of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association will be in New Orleans to protest in person.

The ad features a photo of de Blasio that has been edited to show him wearing a purple, green and gold jester's hat and laying on a pillow.

"NYC police officers are 365 days OUT OF CONTRACT because Mayor De Blasio has checked out of running NYC and checked into a NEW ORLEANS hotel," the ad reads. "Mayor de Blasio ... WAKE UP & DO YOUR JOB! Pay NYC cops fairly NOW!"

New York's mayor is in New Orleans for the Netroots Nation conference, a meeting of progressive-minded political figures. The conservative New York Post referred to the event as a "lefty gathering" in an editorial that points out de Blasio was able to use the trip to get out of jury duty.

The police union also plans to put the ad image on mobile billboards that will circle near the Morial Convention Center, according to the Daily News.