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Line of Duty Prescription Program

Through the Line-of-Duty Prescription Program, the Department will pay the cost of prescription medication for an “approved” Line-of-Duty Injury for active uniformed members of the service. There are no co-payments or deductibles for the uniformed member concerned. The Medical Division utilizes EmblemHealth to administer this benefit.

Once a member receives a prescription for medication relating to a line of duty injury, the prescription may be filled utilizing any New York State pharmacy. The member should contact the pharmacy directly to ensure that the “Line-of-Duty Prescription Program” is to be utilized and provide the pharmacist with the EmblemHealth Benefit Identification Number (BIN) “400023”. The member’s identification number is their six digit Tax ID number. There is no Processor Control Number (PCN) or Group Number needed. The member may be required to provide the ten digit Line-of-Duty Injury number to the pharmacist.

Uniformed members of the service who require help or guidance with any aspect of this program or in the event that unusual circumstances exist, may obtain assistance by contacting:

  • The Medical Division’s Line-of-Duty Prescription Drug Unit, Monday through Friday, from 0600 to 1800 hours, at (718) 760-2632/2645/7660.
  • The EmblemHealth NYPD Line-of-Duty Prescription Program 24-hour Help Desk at 1-800-877-9370.
  • The Medical Division’s Sick Desk Supervisor (24 hours a day) at (718) 760-7606.