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Supplemental Benefits

In addition to those benefits provided by the City of New York, the Retiree Health and Welfare Fund of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association provides benefits that augment the basic coverage, but vary according to what basic program the member selected.  Some supplemental benefits are provided through the purchase of a rider from the various carriers involved and some are provided on a self-insured, self-administered basis.

Hearing Aid Benefit

The Retiree Health and Welfare Fund provides a hearing aid benefit to all eligible retired members and their eligible dependents.

When prescribed by a licensed physician, the PBA Funds Office will reimburse up to a maximum of $350.00 toward the purchase of a hearing aid.

Limitations on Coverage: This benefit is limited to one (1) purchase every thirty-six (36) months for each eligible family member.

Coverage Exclusions: Coverage is not available for:

      • Exams
      • Repairs
      • Batteries
      • Ear molds
      • Service or maintenance contracts

Obtaining Benefits: When a member or an eligible dependent requires a hearing aid, the member should contact the Funds Office for a Hearing Aid claim form.  This claim form must be completed by the member and the prescribing physician.  The completed claim form should be submitted to the PBA Funds Office, with a PAID ITEMIZED BILL for the Hearing Aid.

The allowed payment will be mailed directly to the member.

Benefits Provided When Enrolled In The HIP/HMO Program

The PBA Health and Welfare Fund, on a self-insured and self-administered basis, provides the following benefit for durable medical equipment

Reimbursement of Charges for Durable Medical Equipment

Where certain conditions may require the use of durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, artificial limbs, orthopedic appliances, etc., the PBA Retirement Fund provides a benefit toward the cost of these items.  The benefit covers the cost of such durable equipment, but reimbursement is limited to eighty (80%) percent of reasonable and customary charges.  There is a maximum of $1,000.00 in a twelve (12) month period and a lifetime maximum of $3,500.00 per family.

To file for the medical equipment benefit you must obtain a Medical Equipment Claim form from the PBA Funds Office.  The completed claim form and an itemized bill should be returned to the PBA Funds Office.