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Updated: November 23, 2019, 1:22 AM

Widow of NYPD officer Anthony Mosomillo heartbroken to learn killer’s gal pal granted parole

By Larry Celona and Sara Dorn

Anthony Mosomillo and Betsy Ramos

The state parole board is releasing a woman convicted in the line-of-duty assassination of an NYPD officer — but failed to tell the cop’s family in advance of the decision, the hero’s heartbroken widow told The Post.

Margaret Mosomillo said she had always been given a heads-up in the past when Betsy Ramos was being considered for release, and each time spoke out in opposition to it.

But Mosomillo, whose husband, Anthony, was fatally shot in Brooklyn in 1998, said she never received similar notice this time.

Neither did the Police Benevolent Association nor Anthony Mosomillo’s brother, Salvatore.

“This is a disgrace,” Salvatore raged. “How could they let out a cop-killer? Basically back-dooring the family. Imagine what they could do to an average [civilian] victim’s family.”

Salvatore, who has also spoken on his brother’s behalf before the board, said the family’s pain is still raw.

“It was 21 years ago, but to me it’s like it just happened yesterday. They’re talking about giving her a second chance. Where is my brother’s second chance?” My family is still suffering 21 years later. That’s not going to stop,” he said.

Added the widow, “I feel victimized all over again.”

Ramos was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison in Anthony Mosomillo’s death in an East Flatbush apartment.

She was convicted of helping wrest the gun from the holster of Mosomillo’s partner during a deadly scuffle.

The cops had been there to arrest Ramos’ boyfriend, paroled drug dealer Jose Serrano, for failing to show up on drug charges.

But Serrano opened fire — and moments later the mortally-injured Mosomillo, 36, shot him dead as a final act of police duty.

Ramos won her freedom Oct. 29, but Margaret Mosomillo said she only learned the news earlier this month. She immediately called the Office of Victims’ Assistance, asking, “Am I reading this right?”

To her horror, she was.

Parole officials say they notified Margaret by letter Sept. 20, along with the PBA attorney and Salvatore Mosomillo, now a retired NYPD officer.

The Mosomillos don’t buy it.

“It was three different addresses. Three different boroughs. No one got it,” Margaret said.

“We got all the other letters,” Salvatore said. “Why didn’t we get this one?”

Ramos could be sprung as early as Dec. 10, but a law-enforcement source said she will be immediately taken into custody on an outstanding federal warrant.

“The con game that the Parole Board just ran on the Mosomillo family is an utter disgrace,” said the union’s president, Pat Lynch.

“They are rolling out the red carpet for cop-killers and other vicious criminals at every turn, while our families live in fear of being victimized a second time.”

Anthony Mosomillo left behind a then-2-year-old daughter, Francesca, now set to graduate from the Police Academy in December. He also left behind an older daughter, Marie, from a previous relationship.

“My husband, Anthony, loved life. He loved his family. He loved doing things with his daughter . . . He loved being a cop,” his wife said.