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August 9, 2019

NYPD marchers did it right

To the Editor

I was proud to be one of the hundreds of demonstrators who marched, not only to support P.O Pantaleo, but also the NYPD. I’m 76 years old and a retired member of the NYPD and this was the one and only time I participated in a demonstration. And it won’t be my last.

Those who marched along Richmond Avenue to the mall displayed civility, serenity and professionalism. No one screamed profanities. No one screamed “no justice no peace." No one yelled, “what do we want? Dead cops now.”

The death of Eric Garner was a tragedy, not a reckless murder. The marchers bemoaned his death. But, I know from 35 years with the NYPD, no cop wakes up in the morning with the fantastical notion that he wants to kill someone.

Moreover, during my career, I’ve been in physical combat with lawbreakers and the last thing I was thinking about was the proper rules of combat. No, in the heat of combat you do whatever it takes to overtake your assailant. Al Sharpton and his cronies plan 11 days of outrage if Police Officer Pantaleo is not fired. Moreover, his compadres have demonstrated at Police Officer Pantaleo’s residence.

The NYPD is rarely supported by the City Council members. They look at every police action with a political eye, especially how they will be viewed by their constituents.

That's why I marched. I wanted to show how the quiet, hardworking people -- who don’t shout, threaten or scream racism -- support the NYPD.

Joseph Valenti
South Beach resident