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John Nuthall


May 14, 2018

PBA statement on appellate judge’s order to halt NYPD release of body-worn camera footage

Today, a New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division, 1st Department judge granted the PBA’s request for a temporary restraining order blocking the NYPD from releasing additional body-worn camera footage until a further ruling in the case by a full appellate panel. The parties will submit briefs by June 5, and the full panel will rule following those submissions.

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said:

“Each time the NYPD illegally and arbitrarily releases body-worn camera footage, they are harming police officers’ safety, the public’s right to privacy and the interests of justice in ways that can't be undone. The Legislature enacted laws limiting public disclosure of police officers’ personnel records to guard against exactly this scenario, and police officers have a clear right to challenge the NYPD's tortured attempts to twist the law to serve its own purposes. We are grateful for this judge’s ruling and look forward to bringing our case before the full appellate panel.”

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