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John Nuthall


May 25, 2023

Police Officers honor their own for bravery and compassion

Thirty-eight uniformed members of the NYPD (36 Police Officers and two Sergeants) were honored by their peers today, Thursday, May 25, during the PBA’s Finest of the Finest Awards luncheon at The Water Club in Manhattan.

 The heroic deeds for which these officers are being honored involve the things New York City police officers do every day: rescues and other life-saving acts, as well as defending the lives of innocent civilians – not to mention their fellow police officers – from the violent armed criminals.

“What makes these honorees special is that they have been singled out by their fellow police officers as worthy of recognition,” said PBA President Patrick J. Lynch. “New York City police officers are best qualified to recognize real bravery or acts of exceptional service among our ranks. We are the best at what we do, but the cops we’re honoring are truly the ‘Finest of the Finest.’” 

One of the honorees, Police Officer Michelle White of NYPD Housing Bureau Police Service Area #1, exhibited remarkable technical skills and equally excellent investigative talent to track down a missing woman and prevent her from buying a gun with which to harm herself or her baby. Armed with scant information from the suicidal woman’s mother, Officer White was able to use her cell phone to track the woman’s vehicle, canvass gun shops on the vehicle’s route, and have local law enforcement take her into custody at the first gun shop she walked into.

Police Officers Richard Acevedo and Deyaniris Olivero of NYPD Transit Bureau District 1 were cited for saving the life of a distraught man who attempted to grab their guns in order to kill himself. The man surprised Police Officer Acevedo from behind, putting him in a chokehold and grabbing for his firearm. When Police Officer Olivero got into the struggle, he grabbed for her gun as well, saying, “I’m not trying to hurt you. I just want to kill myself,” The officers safely subdued the would-be suicide, saving him from himself.


P.O. Andrew Cummings, 48 Pct.

P.O. Nicholas Lupo, 48 Pct.

P.O. Garthlette James, 50 Pct.

P.O. Raychel Campanella-Rivera, 120 Pct.

P.O. Vanesa Medina, 120 Pct.

P.O. Thomas Leonardo, 122 Pct.

P.O. Thomas Meany, Midtown South Pct.

P.O. Frank Aliperti, Midtown South Pct.

P.O. Christopher Mc Laughlin, 9th Pct.

P.O. Liam Murphy, 9th Pct.

P.O. Christopher Chacon, 83 Pct.

P.O. Matthew Varela, 83 Pct.

Sgt. Steven Joseph, 83 Pct.

P.O. Derrell Henry, 73 Pct.

P.O. Jerry Celus, 73 Pct.

P.O. Justin Vartanian, 34 Pct.

P.O. John Bonhomme, 34 Pct.

P.O. Sumit Sulan, 32 Pct.

P.O. Carlos Delgado, 69 Pct.

P.O. Gunvinder Singh, 69 Pct.

P.O. Theresa Haley, Highway-2

P.O. Matthew Mellas, Highway-2

P.O. Michael Ippolito, 111 Pct.

P.O. Lauren Creighton, 111 Pct.

P.O, Daniel Mirabile, 109 Pct.

Sgt. Guy Randell, 100 Pct.

P.O. David Lostaglio, 100 Pct.

P.O. Michael Boncimino, 100 Pct.

P.O. Manuel Soto, 63 Pct.

P.O. Andrew Mock, 105 Pct.

P.O. Anthony Martinez, 105 Pct.

P.O. Richard Acevedo, Transit District-11

P.O. Deyaniris Olivero, Transit District-11

P.O. Jose Rodriguez, KTF

P.O. Nelson Guillaume KTF

P.O. Michele White, PSA-1

P.O. Erik Boyco, PSA-5

P.O. Luis Mejia, PSA-5 

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The Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (PBA) is the largest municipal police union in the nation and represents nearly 50,000 active and retired NYC police officers.